• Welcome to WealthHarbor

    WealthHarbor Capital Group is a conflict-free fiduciary advisor with a core mission of providing investment solutions that deliver retirement success.

    WealthHarbor offers solutions for both individuals and companies that leverage our expertise in the areas of portfolio management and retirement plan design. As fiduciaries for all our clients we enjoy the distinction traditionally shared by your CPA and lawyer, namely, putting your interests first in all we do.

    Welcome to WealthHarbor, Retirement for a Lifetime.

  • Objectivity:

    Freedom from conflicts of interest allows us to put our unbiased expertise to work for you.

  • Knowledge:

    Constant evolution of understanding leads to innovation and experience.

  • Integrity:

    Providing services based upon the highest ethical standards in any industry; Honesty and Truth.

  • Innovation:

    Diligence in seeing our clients through to success demands constant education and adaptation.

401(k) Plans

WealthHarbor's retirement plan platform is on the cutting edge of plan providers.

Our goal in creating this platform was simple; provide solid cost-effective solutions for employees to achieve retirement success.

Traditionally retirement plans have been fraught with problems and conflicts of interest like the forced inclusion of proprietary funds, limited fund menus, poor performing investments, hidden fees, questionable mutual fund share classes, and no support for plan fiduciaries.

The WealthHabor Select 401(k) provides solutions to all these issues and more.

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Cash Balance Plans

An increasing number of highly compensated professionals and business owners look for methods to boost retirement savings above 401(k) profit sharing thresholds. Many delayed retirement savings as they invested in the growth of their business and now find they are behind the curve, while others look to maximize retirement contributions as an attractive tax savings tool.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) has validated a solution that may offer these individuals annual tax deductible savings of as much as $200,000 a year, depending on a participant’s age.

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